About Us

Kat and Timbo… hailing from Nebraska and Arizona.

We are a mother/daughter owned and operated business. Both of us are t-shirt and flannel kind of gals. But that's not to say we don't totally love fashion, creating your own style and being bold with your authenticity. We believe that old is better than brand-new and that “vintage” should be actual vintage and not just a word used for a look. With Kat and Timbo, you get the real deal.

At Kat And Timbo we subscribe to a certain juxtaposition of fashion that has its own kind of magic...mixing the old with the new, the simplistic with sophisticated or the affordable with luxury, trendy with timeless. It doesn’t have to make sense to anyone, but YOU. 

Our clothing is meant to be used or worn however you damn well please. It also tells a story. Our shirts and coin necklaces have a whole life that’s been lived. Our accessories, on the other hand, are ready to go hot off the press.  

Whether it’s a distressed t-shirt, a flannel, one of our hats or coin necklaces, each item has been created with intention and its unique history in mind. You’ll find minor details that make all the difference. These “imperfections” are reminders that human hands created these, not machines, and they simply add to the uniqueness.  

Our mission is to inspire women to embrace their own personal style. We hope to encourage you to be bold, brave and step into your true authentic self.  

Wear what makes YOU feel good and tell your own story. 

Always Authentic,
Jenny and Katie

Disclaimer: Kat And Timbo is a third party reseller of thrifted and second-hand clothing.  Members of the Kat and Timbo team have carefully selected and created all of our second-hand and vintage garments for you to enjoy.  We strive to provide quality upcycled and vintage clothing.  We are not a licensed retail store nor an official reseller of any professional, collegiate or other trademarked merchandise including, but not limited to the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA or NCAA.  In addition, we disclaim any rights to any of the brands, logos or trademarks offered for sale on our website.  We are a reseller of clothing purchased from unrelated thrift stores, and each garment acquired by Kat and Timbo becomes a unique one of a kind piece.